Friday, January 16, 2009

Dance Party

The other night Ed had to work late and we were all crabby from a long day of being cooped up in the house. And so I once again, tried to help us all get our wiggles out by putting on some fun kid music for dance party. Every time I do this Charley starts crying and hates it. He refuses to let himself just enjoy and get crazy. At Charley's conference his teacher shared that she also saw Charley shy away from singing and doing these types of activities. I have witnessed it at library class etc. I am not sure how this can be, since he has me as his mother. I am constantly singing the old crazy camp songs, dancing around with actions, and being silly. Maybe he has a little of his daddy in him when it comes to this area. Ed isn't one to just bust out into song and dance. The other night when I turned on the music Charley ran and hid but after about 1 minute he came back in and asked me to restart the song. He didn't want to stop and we danced and played rock star to the ENTIRE cd. It was awesome. Even Henry played along. Here are a few moments I captured. So good for a mama's spirit.


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