Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We were done at 2 but we were complete at 3

As we near Henry's first birthday I am finding my heart races when there is nothing stressful going on. My stomach gets butterflies and I feel on the verge of tears. I am sure a lot of mom's can relate when they have their second baby and that baby is about to become "not a baby but a toddler". The second child's first year goes so fast. And now I am faced with the fact that I am either done having a baby of my own or do we go for the third. I was asking a mom of three today how she knew to go for three. She said when she had her second she knew she was done. But number three came along anyway! You could tell when she talked about it that number three has been a blessing to her family and that she is so glad they have a family of 5 now. She said "I was done at 2 but we are complete with 3." Another friend said that if we are at all pondering the idea of three we would never regret having a third.

I know the solution ... I need to just not stress about this road I am on in life. And I should just really enjoy Henry this last month of his baby year. And let him grow into a toddler and see how we are feeling when some time passes. My husband said, "Sarah, will you ever be okay when you know you are done being pregnant?" And he is totally correct. I think all women go through a period of sadness when they think this stage of their life is over. He reminds me of all the excitement ahead of us as our children grow older. I can be swayed either way at any given moment. I just don't want this year to be over....it went way to fast...and with number two there are so many distractions that you don't realize the time is passing as quickly as it does. To my friends who are pregnant with their first or second....savor every second because it all goes by way to fast. Way to fast.

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April said...

the decision to go for 3 doesn't get any easier as time goes on... believe me! LOL I am still in the middle of this tough decision! but yes, enjoy the time because oh my gosh, my anna is 20 months, potty trained and sleeping in a big girl bed. where did my baby go? :(


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