Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stocking Your Parenting Toolbox

So about a year ago a few of my old teacher friends got me thinking about teaching a community education class. Some of my good mommy friends who frequently visit the house noticed little things laying around that I did/do with Charley. So that is when I got the brainstorm to teach a class on silly frivolous ways to keep your child busy at home. So here is the class that will be offered in January and February. I am really nervous and really excited. I think it will give me a creative outlet outside of the home. It potentially could link me up with more mommy friends. IT will motivate me to do more with Charley and Henry. It will be a little extra cash. It will help me keep my teaching licence up to date.

It makes me nervous because the ideas that I have come off the top of my head. I pull them from my ass. I tweak them to fit Charley's personality but they aren't big and grand. To me they are silly and I think why would some one pay to hear me rattle on about these goofy things. However, lately a few of my mommy friends have encouraged me by saying that not everyone thinks like I do or has time to think like I do.

So once again, I get excited to help other mom's engage themselves with their child in easy, cheap, and fun ways. This morning we all agreed that when we spend 15 minutes with our child playing cars, a game, dinosaurs or whatever...without being sidetracked by the dishwasher, dinner, the computer, or laundry...it usually starts the day off way better and our children are more independently entertained for the rest of the day. We laugh when we are known to say..Just a minute, let me finish this...but then when we call them to do something we expect them to jump right to it. So my intention with my class is to have moms (or dads) walk away with several activities that will be ready to go the next day. Parents will be given time to prep their materials for crafts and share their own ideas for things they do to keep their little ones engaged. Some will have an educational spin to them BONUS! but many are just silly ways to occupy...

Okay, I am totally rambling and totally just trying to think this all out. It is hard because I can't go out and buy materials until I know the class is going to take place (I need 10 participants) ....

So here is the blurb in the community education handbook. Wish me luck...because this whole thing has me up from 4-5 am each morning worrying about it! If it is going to happen I want people to love it and feel like it was well worth their time and money. UGH! Why did I add this stress to my life...because it is fun right!

Stocking Your Parenting Toolbox (For Parents of 2-5 year olds)

Are you a parent needing ideas to keep your 2-5 year old child entertained? Grab a cup of coffee and join us for an hour of “parent time.” You will collect easy, inexpensive ideas to keep your children busy at home. You will also “make and take” materials for several activities, leaving you ready to engage your child. We will also spend a little time sharing your ideas to make time at home fun.

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Pat said...

I would have loved this class!


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