Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday ...Celebrations...

So all day today I have had this little pit in my stomach because my side of our family's Christmas is over and for the last month or two it is all I have focused on with my sister and mom. We have chatted through out the day and added drama where there wasn't drama needed, talked menus more than needed, anticipated games and fun, and just looked forward to hanging out together. All that prep and then it passes so quickly. I love being with my family and Ed knows that when we leave them or they leave our house I am always pretty emotional. So today I kept feeling that sad feeling that it is over and it went too fast. This year I had a moment where I announced, Can you believe Andy and Ed are here with us. Who knew when we were growing up that these were the men my sister and I would marry. Who knew that I would buy Andy slippers and some wine and they would buy Ed stuffed olives, bloody mary pickles, and a shrub trimmer. It is very cool to me that Andy is there mixing drinks and loving our boys. Ed is there napping on the floor and ready to fix anything that needs to be fixed (so far not the snow blower!) So this year we were all there. My brother is applying for jobs all over the country, my sister has another family she needs to share her time with, as do I ...and it was nice to have time together.

Favorite moments:

1. Friday: I am glad we got there early so that we could have a day to hang out and it wasn't go go go!

2. Friday night Raina, Andy, Mom, Ed, Greg, and I played an old board game we used to play called the Gambler...totally dumb game but we have fun with it.

3. Watching Henry open his first gift the sock monkey and loving the drum sticks.

4. Charley was such a good boy the entire weekend. He was patient, oh so patient, with a tree filled with gifts. He read tags, told people what they were getting before they opened and when he opened he said things like, "Oh boy, I have wanted this for my whole life. I love this and that means I want to play it right now. I have wanted this for years. and YES!" He showed honest excitement over everything and gave genuine thanks without mama and daddy saying "What do you say?"...we did have to say it occasionally...but for the most part he did it on his own.

5. Seeing my grandpa and having him finally meet Henry.

6. Watching Ed fall asleep at various houses in the middle of the chaos...knowing he was comfortable and relaxed.

7. Going for a walk late one night with my mom and sister to gab.

8. Opening the picture of Henry.

9. Going out for lunch on Friday with my husband...sushi and hibachi (my favorite).

10. Surviving the travels without hitting any snow!

So I know my family's Christmas is over and I have Ed's family Christmas ahead of me. I love going there, relaxing in the cozy atmosphere with the 20 foot Christmas tree and nibbling on Charlie's cookies, egg nog and other holiday treats. A game of canasta, a glass of wine, and just time to enjoy family. But for right now I am sad that my time hanging out with my mom and sister is over. Hearing what is new with my brother and his reactions to rooming with a four year old and letting Henry have time with my dad. Nothing beats going home and I really love going home. I hope that as my boys grow up they always look forward to coming home like I do. To those of you who are travelling this Christmas enjoy every second of your time home; it passes so fast. And to those who aren't travelling home for Christmas (like we didn't last year) make your time at home memorable...start a tradition and enjoy being cozy. To my boys, I hope that by raising you with crazy travel and chaotic celebration schedules that you will grow up craving it, so you come and see your crazy mom! Merry Christmas!

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday Celebrations. We are aware that there are far more pictures of Henry...second child...we are over compensating so he doesn't feel like we didn't take any of him. We will take more of Charley up north :)

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