Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saturday Evening

We had the big rip with my family. After a busy day with relatives we came home to some yummy snacks. The boys opened their gifts and then hit the hay....they were tuckered out. Big hits this year at my parents was the Spider man scooter from Andy and Raina...he squealed and buzzed around it that evening and then had to park it by his bed that night. He is still riding around the house with it today. A drum from Raina and Andy was Henry's great gift. He loves long things he can wave around so the drumsticks made him very happy and he quickly learned how to hit the drum. The other instruments will be fun too! Henry didn't sleep well...not sure if it was the tooth that came in or if it was just the busy schedule with car rides, lots of people, and naps were off. But around 5 am I brought him out and we slept in front of the Xmas tree lights for an hour or two. Kind of cozy...if I can forget the fact that I was tired.

This is the first year where we have split the Christmas up. Usually we do Ed's family and mine all in one trip. Travel wise it is nice to not be rushing from one destination to the next because at my families we go to other places for extended family parties. However, it is sad to me that my families Christmas is over. It all goes so quickly...we prep and shop and bake for weeks and then it is all over in three days. We look forward to more festivities with Ed's side of the family...and of course with our family Christmas here at home. Thanks mom and dad for hosting another great year of celebrations. I always love coming home...you know that. And Ed is right at home...since he naps right in the middle of it all on the floor. Can't wait until next year when Charley and Henry will have a cousin to love! YES THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS! My sister is expecting in June! EEEEK! I have kept it a secret until now I wonder what was going through their mind when Henry was screaming both nights for an hour here and there. Enjoy the next months of sleep. Your life is about to change for the best but in the area of sleep....it will never again be the same.

Merry Christmas!

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