Thursday, December 18, 2008

How much is your babysitter worth?

So last night we were an hour later than we expected. I felt terrible but we couldn't get up from the somewhat intimate dinner party. I did sneak out to inform her that we were still eating and going to be running late. So knowing we would arrive home at 11 instead of 10, that she put both boys down, and it was a school night...we tried to figure out how much we should pay. We also always remember that good help is hard to find and we always want to feel like we pay well so they want to come back. Although, who wouldn't want to spend time with our little guys :)

Before the dinner party ended the topic of babysitters came up. There was a range of parents there...some who had kids who babysit and some that had a babysitter at their house last night too. One person said, "My daughter makes 14 dollars an hour." I was like. "WHAT! How many kids?" She said 3...well my mind rested a little because we only have 2 at this point. But still....I thought it was good that Ed's boss heard what a babysitter costs...some who expect 14 dollars.

My much do you pay for your babysitter?
I do know that we vary it. They don't know what they are going to get, I like to keep them guessing. We think about whether they feed, put to bed, or sit bored for hours on end.

I think we paid our babysitter really well last night. I hope it makes up for the late evening on a school night. However, I think it is her mom I will call today and apologize because I think if it were me I would be a little annoyed that my 14 year old daughter was kept out that late. I am sure it is fine but I just feel bad.

Babysitters are lifesavers and I know that all moms and dads appreciate a great babysitter who the kids anticipate spending time with and who keeps them safe and entertained. But when your evening out costs less than the is just hard to justify even going.

So how much is your babysitter worth?

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