Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas shopping next year...

Someone remind me that next year Ed needs to take a day off work and we need to go together. It is too stressful trying to coordinate all this through conversations. Tonight I went to Toys R Us twice...yes twice. The first time I strolled through the entire store and left with a box of diapers. As I strolled through seeing if anything caught my eye I was amazed at the number of men getting holiday shopping in the boy toys aisles. There were all these men on cell phones or talking to each other as they picked out cars, superheros, star wars, and more. I just thought it was hiliarious that down one aisle there were 7 men. 3 on cell phones probably checking in with Santa and the rest all taking care of business. There was also one man excitedly telling his uninterested wife how the old electric race car track made this sound that sounded exactly like race cars going around the track. He even demonstrated the sound to her. Tis' the season to make your child's dream come true or maybe Daddy's childhood come back to life.

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