Sunday, December 7, 2008

The 2008 Christmas Tree

This weekend we had a mission. We would go and get our tree, get it up, and get it decorated. Charley was super excited. It was a cold Friday night but there was a beautiful snow fall happening and it just added to the spirit. We have gotten our tree the last three years at Cal's Market right by our house. We like to think we are supporting a local business, however, it is close and to be honest that is probably the main reason we have gone with them.

This year we had the challenge of knowing Henry would be all over and wanting to touch things so I got us a second gate, from a friend. I think it just gives a nice finishing touch that I know all you child free homes are jealous of.

Decorating the tree is always this moment in the season that I build up in my head and heart. It will be cozy and memorable. But I am quickly reminded that putting up the tree and decorating it is often a more stressful activity. The lights don't always work, the tree won't stand straight, needles are everywhere. A four year old and ornaments and hooks are just a stressful combination and there is a point when you just want it to be all done. This year it did go better since Charley is older and can put on the hooks and he did a great job finding places for his ornaments. I moved a few to different spots and he seemed a little upset but once I explained that "I wanted to put it where we could see it better" he was fine with it. Really I just needed to spread them out so our tree wouldn't topple over. We put the tree in our front window this year. We have known since we bought the house that our front window is made for the Christmas tree...but our nice furniture and the cozy family room would be much cozier. It is easier this year to leave the family room our playroom so we will celebrate in the front livingroom with our old red couch.

Charley was so excited over every ornament and he talked the entire time he was decorating. At one point he had a bunch of ornaments over by our nativity scene and was playing with them. Then he chimed into his own tune about "I love you baby Jesus" Ed and I just looked at each other flabbergasted because we haven't gone too much into the religious part of the holiday with him yet however, we can see that it is time to start. The whole experience was very endearing and it all worked out just fine.

As I blog Ed is using the dust buster to get all the needles. Yes, an artifical tree would be would stand up straight, lights could stay on, and no needles....but we would miss out on the cold journey to pick our tree and knowing that each year our tree looks a little different. And the pine smell adds another element to the cozy Christmas atmosphere. Merry Christmas!

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