Friday, November 14, 2008

Who wouldn't fall asleep -

to the warm voice of Morgan Freeman in the movie March of the Penguins. That was part of Charley's quiet time. His breathing got loud... I fear he will snore someday...and I went to take a peek and he was turned away from the tv...on his tummy on our couch sleeping. The boy still needs a thank you Morgan Freeman because Charley will be able to play with daddy a little later tonight.

Which reminds me...

Yesterday Charley was playing with this pampers diaper box. And he filled it with some stuff and taped the top with his new tape from his tape dispenser (great gift for a 4 year old). And he was bothered when Henry started using it to balance when standing up. So I told him to put it in our guest room. So he did. I wasn't paying attention to what was in it or why. Then all afternoon he kept telling me in an excited voice,

"Tonight Daddy and I are going to build our OWN star wars stuff. " I said okay and went on with the day.

As soon as Ed walked in he took him into the guest room and showed him the box. He opened it and showed Ed various items he had collected so they could build their own Star Wars stuff. The two items I know were in there ... was a broom for trees and his orange construction hat that would be a pool. He was so excited. They played in there while I put the finishing touches on our chicken dinner.

Ed came out and tipped his head and said "Did you see what was in the box and what it was for?" I said, No. Ed explained and said, "It is kind of sad." I said, "WHY? He is using his imagination." But Ed knows how much fun he had playing with some of the "REAL" star wars toys. is these stories that I love putting on here because I would otherwise probably forget these moments at some point. So this might be silly to some but our Charley is a thinker and son, someday you will have some real Star Wars toys...I think your daddy will help with this.

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