Friday, November 14, 2008

A Mother's Hair...To cut or not to cut?

That is the question...
It was the summer before Charley turned one (Oct. 25) that I chopped my long hair and went pixie. It was a shocker to many here in MN because they didn't know me in college with the short hair. Well it is that time again and I have noticed that a hat has become my "do" more days than not. It is harder to do my hair when Henry can't be left unattended. Luckily he takes a nap around 9 so I can get my shower in before we head out for any outings...however, the time is coming when he will drop the morning nap...and the mornings we have to leave before his nap are hard. Yes, I know I could get up early and shower but really, with Ed getting ready and the boys waking ... and still getting up in the night every once in awhile..yes, excuse after excuse...the point.... Boys, I have a hair appointment next Tuesday and I am so tempted to chop it. But I also know that I could save us money if I don't becuase I can go longer between cuts when my hair is long. I am definitely a person that has always enjoyed my haircuts. My mom tells me that when I was little she would take me to get my haircut on crabby days (obviously not every crabby day) and I would be a new person. I like to change it up. I realize it will grow back. What to do...and what in the world would Henry think?

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Raina said...

I'm all for the short/pixie cut. i've always liked it! you have the face for it.


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