Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time for Change

Dear Sons,

Yesterday you walked along with me to vote for the 44th president. On the way we enjoyed the sunny warm November day...very odd weather but we won't complain. This election was a big moment in my life. My mom still talks about John F. Kennedy's years. I do believe that our world is ready for change and whether one canidate or the other had won I believe our world would have seen change. I believe that yesterday's election was historical...and yes every election is...but this one is special. Charley we talked about how the president is the leader of our country. He helps keep us safe and healthy.

Last night I fell asleep watching the election results get tabulated. Amazingly, I awoke to the future president, Barack Obama saying "Hello Chicago!" Why would I wake up at that moment...maybe it is silly, but I love that I got to see his speech live.

Charley and Henry, you are growing up in an incredible time. Your daddy and I hope that we can raise you to celebrate the diversity in our world, accept the differences in all those around you, and to strive to be the best person you can be so that you can someday change the world for the better in your own small or big way. Yesterday when I voted it was the first time I really felt like my vote would count. And looking at the amazing voter turn out it seems that many American's realized the gift that our nation gives it's citizens. I love that I shared this moment with you yesterday, even though you are too young to truly grasp the greatness. Someday, people will talk about the year Barack Obama was elected, and whether people voted for him or his opponent, John McCain, I believe everyone realizes the huge significance in the outcome of the election.

You are American and you will grow up in a world that challenges you but always strives for better. And today many people believe that change for the better is around the corner. I hope that it changes for the better for your life and your children's and their childrens.

I love you!


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