Monday, November 3, 2008

Rollerskating! YES! RollerSKATING!

Every year our realtor hosts a get together so that we can stay in touch with him. This year he hosted it at the RollerGarden in St. Louis Park. We decided to give it a try with Charley. When Sunday afternoon rolled around Ed was dragging his feet..not wanting to go. I tried to pump him up that this would be a good start before it was ice skating season. Charley was super excited. He has never been rollerskating.

Let me tell you! It was a great time. It was a private party so the rink was not busy at all! Ed had a smile on his face the whole time and even wanted to make a lap at one point on his own. hahaha! I don't think he had ever rollerskated. I think he said he had only rollerbladed. The music was great...they had lights and smoke (or something like smoke). We skated and then had dinner...a hotdog and chips. I went to get napkins and when I returned Charley looked at me and his lip got big and his eyes welled up with tears. Ed and I were shocked and wondering what was wrong. His response was that he didn't want it to end. It was so much fun. It was one of those moments when we knew we had made a good decision to give this outing a go. It reminds me that some of those awkward...won't know anyone...might be pushing our comfort zone outings that we often avoid are often times the ones that can make your family stronger. My heart melted seeing my husband helping my son try to rollerskate and it melted even more seeing the smile on my hubbies face as he lapped the rink.

P.S....anyone reading this that is local...the Roller Garden in St. Louis park was probably the cleanest rollerrinks I have been to...not that I have been to that many :)

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