Monday, November 3, 2008

The famous Uncle Mike...and family

This weekend Ed's family came to visit for Charley's birthday and Halloween. Most importantly Uncle Mike. Charley always enjoys seeing his Uncle Mike and his Aunt Becca. They get down and play play play with him. Henry also enjoyed playing with Uncle Mike this time. Charley got to trick or treat with his Grandma Charlie. Make calzones with his Uncle Mike and Becca. He got to open birthday presents. Grandma Charlie gave him a police outfit and was reminded that what you give you must play because Charley wore the police uniform for most of the weekend.

Charley also learned that he is going to get his first "First" cousin in April...YES Uncle Mike will become a daddy and Aunt Becca will become a mama. It was a nice relaxing weekend. And last night as Charley was going to bed he said "I miss my grandma Charlie. I miss Uncle Mike. And I miss Aunt Becca."

P.S. Uncle Greg should know that Charley did call uncle Mike Uncle greg at least once this time....usually it is the other way around.

Our boys are so lucky to be loved by all their aunts and uncles. They are all very special in their own way. And you are all welcome here anytime.

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