Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peaceful time does wonders...

This morning I woke to feed Henry around 4:30 and then couldn't fall back asleep. After tossing and turning I decided since I went to bed a little earlier I got some decent sleep so why not get up and enjoy the quiet. So around 5 am I got up and came downstairs. I turned on minimal lights, made a cup of hot chocolate, and puttered around on some things that I have needed to do. I organized my coupons, yes I try and use them on things that I normally buy (yesterday I saved 12.77 at Target!), I sorted through the almost 500 pictures I received yesterday from Shutterfly and figured out who was getting which ones, and when Ed came down we chatted about all sorts of little things....WOOOOHOOO he is going to be travelling with us for Thanksgiving! Now it is 7:20 and amazingly neither of my boys have stirred...so yes, I know I could have slept in today...but if I had been sleeping I am sure they would have been up at 6:30. I feel ready for them and what a difference having a little time to myself to think and accomplish something will do to the start of our day. I am vowing to let Charley lead the choice on his clothes today. I am not going to battle him. I am determined to have a great day with no tense moments. OH! And Mike and Becca are having a GIRL! I have a skip in my step today because of that too. I get to buy tights and bows for a little girl!

Okay interrupted by the call of Charley. And Henry wakes too. Charley peed all over his bed...oh well! but cozy pants and a t-shirt were his choice of clothes and that works for me. Henry finally had the big poop he had been working on for the last 48 hours...ahhhhhh, a new day! Off to a good start.

OH! I just told Charley that Uncle Mike and Aunt Becca are having a baby girl and he smiled and giggled. He said, "I don't know what they will call her."

My day has started...and those two hours of quiet are gone but not forgotten.


Sarah said...

Congratulations on your wonderful, peaceful quiet time! I know how precious those times can be!

I love reading your blog. Charley and Henry are so lucky to have such a sweet, considerate and dedicated mom! They will be great husbands and fathers someday!

Meg said...

I hope your day is going as well as your wonderful morning!


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