Sunday, November 9, 2008

Doing My Part

Living Green! It is sweeping the world...thank goodness. And many people, I believe, still think that what they do won't impact the world because you are just one little person...but look at last Tuesday's election. People believed and voted and change happened. It was about a year ago that a friend motivated me to invest in some grocery bags. It took a few times to feel comfortable using them but now I use them every time and feel sick to my stomach as I leave watching so many plastic and paper bags leave alongside me. I rarely forget mine...I think yesterday was the first time in months. I keep them in my car. I just think...if I can get to the grocery car with two kids under the age of 5, with my purse, wallet, list, coupons, and a sippy cup and snack...oh! Don't forget the nuk...and my grocery bags! Then ANYONE CAN DO IT! I also use the produce bags that you can order online for so cheap (and yes, I will order those bags for my family that I offered too...bad me!)

I have also started converting some, not all, of my cleaning products to green products. I have my mom addicted to Meyer's spray cleaner. LOVE IT!

My one thing I am also really proud to do is napkins. I haven't bought a package of white everyday paper napkins since last December! YES! My mother in law is an amazing seamstress...or sewer...not sure the right term. But she made me some cloth napkins last year for Christmas. We use them for our napkins everyday!

Those are just some of the little things I do to help contribute to a greener world. The things you choose to do can be simple, little, and they might even save you money. Recycle, stop using so many ziploc bags..get some small containers, buy food in larger quanities rather than the snack size. Don't buy the individual containers of a big tube and put a few in your lunch. I try to buy my yogurt in a big container instead of all individual...but the flavor selection is then limited. And for gosh sakes! Don't throw your cigerette butts on the ground. First off I would love for you to quit smoking so you can see the world greener for longer but if you are going to smoke use the ashtrays. Last spring I was in Georgia with Ed and I was standing along the river that opens into the Ocean watching dolphins go swim by and a business man was standing maybe 5 feet from an ashtray and he flung his butt into the ocean. It took everything in me from marching over there and giving him a piece of my mind.

Little, easy, just one thing. You might catch the green bug and add something new next month and soon our world will have a better outlook for our grandchildren and their grandchildren...

Okay, stepping off my soapbox!

Let me know if you want to know where to get produce or grocery bags...however almost every major store offers them for very cheap now!

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