Friday, October 24, 2008

Will he feel any different?

Tonight as Charley went to bed I could tell he would have to work that much harder to fall asleep. Tomorrow is his "real" birthday. According to Charley "Thursday (the day we surprised him) was his pretend birthday." Today he wanted to know what school he would go to when he was four. I had to explain that he would stay in Ms. Heather's class for the whole school year. He looked relieved. I asked him if he thought he would feel any different when he was four? He didn't think so. "I think I will stay this size when I am four tomorrow. I won't really be taller? Even though I will be a 4 tomorrow. I will just be a different number. I won't be taller but I will be a 4."

Last year we moved him to a big boy bed on his third birthday. We were conquering potty training. These were all huge milestones. This year we are just thriving on all the new learning he is doing with us and at school. He is so aware of all around him and is so much more aware of his birthday this year. We wrestle with what to get him as a gift. Do we get him what he dreams of or what we know will make him happy in the long run. Tonight at dinner he excitedly told my mom what he wanted her to go get at Target tomorrow. It was the same thing he told the other Grandma to get. YIKES! This seems to be his big dream. Daddy and I looked at each other across the table because all the shopping is done and we know he will be excited about all that he gets tomorrow. But it is so tempting to go get that damn Diego Dinosaur thingy. My mom explained that every parent worries about the birthday gift thing. Balancing it, teaching gratitude, thankfulness, and patience. I know our boy will have a great day tomorrow. And he will love all the gifts.

As for me, the WOMAN, that birthed that little guy. I will take a moment to realize that we did it. We made this smart little guy who is growing up before our eyes. He is learning and growing and changing. And with each year we will come that much closer to him turning into a man. I am proud of what Ed and I, along with all our close friends and family, have done to help him become who he is. And I hope that we can continue to guide him so that he grows into a respectful young man who in some way changes his world for the better, but stays "Forever Young" in our hearts. Happy Birthday my son. We love you.


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