Friday, October 24, 2008

My Mother In Law

I think about this often: When you are going through the first 20 years of life you don't often take time to think about who will end up being in your life as family. Lately, I have been taking time to realize that because I married my husband Ed I have amazing people in my life. First of all I have my children. Our boys are definitely a combination of us in looks and personality and I love every thing about them (well maybe not the whining). I have also gained a brother and sister in law and my brother in law brought his new wife, Becca, into my world. I have't written too much about these important people because we haven't done much with them since I Started blogging. But we will be seeing them in the next few months several times so I hope they are ready. These are all people that I realize now, will spend holidays, other celebrations, lazy weekends, and the ups and downs of family with. I love this! I have also been gifted many friends that are so fun and so supportive.

This past week my mother in law came, once again, to support me during a time when Ed left for a few days for business. It is funny that she often comes when Ed isn't even here. I have so many friends that are amazed by this. My mother in law said before she left that one of her friends was amazed by this too. I think there is a stigma (if that is what you call it) about daughter in laws and mother in laws. I have truly lucked out. I love that my mother in law is comfortable to come and stay here and help with the kids while dealing with my moods and constant babbling. I love that I have learned many things from her and look forward to learning more. I love that she is very much like my mom but also very different. I love the grandma that she is to my boys. You never wonder who your mother in law will be when you are going through the world in your 20's wondering who you will marry. I truly enjoy having her in my life.

Thanks for a great weekend! Unfortunately I didn't really get any good pictures of her with my boys so I will have to pay more attention next weekend when she comes to celebrate Halloween and Charley's birthday.


rwroblewski said...

I know what you mean Sarah. We really lucked out! :)

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

What a great tribute!


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