Thursday, October 2, 2008

This will only make us stronger

I know a few posts ago I was all sentimental about my boys sleeping through the night. I should treasure this time. Time will pass and they won't call out for me and I can sleep until noon and no one will care. YADA YADA YADA! I need to go back and reread that entry because today I am running on probably 3 hours total of sleep. Of course it is partly my fault because once the kids are in bed I like to do something for me, that I enjoy. So I settled in for some mindless tv. Ironically (I think I am using this word correctly here) I watched a little of yesterdays Oprah show before falling asleep...for my first 15 minute chunk. It was about mom's who have felt so overwhelmed with life.

Lately, Henry wakes every night between 10-10:30 crying - hard. Ed and I try and try to sooth him so he doesn't get to nurse, because in 9 days we know his doctor is going to tell us he should be sleeping through the night and I shouldn't be nursing him at night anymore. Needless to say...he woke many times...isn't sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time. His 2 am waking lasted almost 2 hours when we finally brought him in by us...which we always firmly don't do. Though Henry didn't cry he doesn't sleep peacefully with us...which ultimately means we don't sleep peacefully either.

So today, wish me luck, getting through with a smile on my face for my three year old. Now I know why they make babies so cute..because when they pull this crap you can't hold it against them because they smile and reach out for your face with those tiny fingers and coo and your heart melts...What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. And the day when I can sleep 8 hours straight is coming soon...I can feel it.

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Mrs. Dupee and Mrs. Olson said...

I hope your day went well Sarah and I hope you're heading to bed soon if you're not there already. Hang in there - those nights are super hard!


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