Monday, October 6, 2008

Sleep...What is that?

Dear Friends.... who have complete control over your night slumber...who have children that sleep through the night.... or who have not had children yet...

I ask that as you go to sleep tonight, APPRECIATE, that you get to sleep straight through. That 8 hours of consecutive sleep is a gift that should be respected. Not everyone who dreams to be dreaming at 2am is getting to. I am dealing with being a mom of a 9 month old who has yet to sleep through the night and though I know he will sleep through the night any day now...he isn't yet. Living on 6 hours of broken up sleep is hard and wears on you. Last night I decided to give up watching mindless tv and go to bed at 8 pm. I was sleeping before my oldest son was sleeping. Like always...Henry woke up fussing for an hour an a half from 10-11:30 so I am really glad I went to bed when I did because I was given those two hours of sleep as a bonus. He then slept from 11:30-5am...YEAH! And from I did get a few good chunks of sleep and it is amazing what that does for a person's mood.

Now, I know that some of this is my fault. I am nursing and so when I go into deal with Hank he knows he could get the goods if he fusses enough. And I know that he will go to sleep in 10 minutes if I nurse him. I dread Friday, his nine month appointment because I know the doctor is going to say..NO more nursing in the night...he can be sleeping through the night if we let him fuss etc. This was the time when we did it with Charley and it was well worth it but it is hard to let your little one fuss.

So as you go to sleep tonight...wish us a full night of sleep in our household. And realize that whether you choose to sit up all night and read, watch tv, study, blog, or just lay is your choice and a good night's rest is the healthiest choice for you to make.

Off to swim tonight. I am once again, going to make myself go to sleep right when I get home so I can hopefully catch an extra hour before midnight.

Sweet Dreams,
Actually, my mom always said to me before I went to sleep: See ya later alligator!
My response:
After While Crocodile!

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Sweet Dreams Sarah! I do remember and know how tough it is! Be strong when it's time to let him fuss and remember ... that sleep will be good for him as well. You'll actually be giving him a gift! You're teaching him self-soothing skills and giving him solid sleep which is so good for his growing mind and body. :) You already know my thoughts so hang in there and you're not a mean mommy for wanting sleep - you're human!


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