Friday, October 31, 2008

Out of the blue

Charley said this...just now...while playing....

"Mama, if only we could have my birthday at the cottage."

"Why?" I replied.

"Because, if only we could have my birthday at the cottage that would be so cool."

The cottage is my favorite place on earth. I have been going there for 32 years with my family for the same week each summer with the same people. The people have become very special to me and now my boys are getting to know them and the experience of the cottage. I love that they are doing many of the same things there. Obviously Charley's time at the cottage has had an impact because on an exciting day like Halloween he can take time to think of that glorious place. AHHHH! To be sitting on the dock, eating cheetos, waiting for the fishermen to come in with nothing in their baskets but smiles on their faces, and nothing that HAS to be done but spending time with family and friends.

Good times! Miss you all!

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