Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

The excitement built all day. There was no nap to be had for Big Boy Charley. He is pretty much done with naps on a daily basis. And with the excitement of the evening ahead it was a long shot to think I could get him to sleep for a little while this afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa arrived around 3. At 5 we sat down to the traditional meal (in my house) on Halloween of chili. My mom always made chili on Halloween.

Then we took a few pictures of the boys in their costumes. Charley was a pirate...a cute one but of course I am biased. Henry was an adorable Hersey Kiss. I hadn't put this costume on until tonight and am now regretting not using it more this week with him. He was absolutely yummy looking. I tried to capture it on camera. This costume was made by Grandma Charlie and worn by Charley on his first Halloween. We hit the road around 6 and headed to a Halloween party at the firestation which is in walking distance. From there we took a longer route home and trick or treated. Charley's bag got so full he couldn't carry it. He was so excited at every house. Tried to remember to say Thank you and Trick or Treat. I loved seeing him so honestly excited about all the costumes out there this year. He admired them all and even told kids they looked cool. He talked about how many pieces he got and had to show me all my favorites and explain that they were his favorites and he was eating them. We'll see about that :) Henry came a long and was a trooper in the stroller. He didn't fuss much and I think was stumped by what on earth we were doing. When we got home Charley dumped his loot and Henry spied a green apple dum dum sucker. He grabbed hold and decided it was his. He picked up other pieces but wouldn't let go of that sucker. At one point Charley took it from him and Henry cried so hard with the biggest lip sticking out--it was adorable. He spotted other dum dum pops in the pile but it was the green one that had him at hello. It was tempting to unwrap and let him really taste it. We laughed that Charley didn't have candy until he was older than 1 for sure...isn't it so funny how different parents are with their second. Off to bath, stories, and bedtime. It was a great night. Did I mention the temperature was in the low 50's. PERFECT! I was in heaven since we could all be together. Happy Halloween Everyone!

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