Friday, October 10, 2008

Goodbye Tree

Today we will say goodbye to a favorite tree in our backyard. It grows very close to our house. I can see it when I am standing by the sink. It drapes nicely over our deck giving it shade throughout the day. There is a little squirrel that lives in the hole. We hang our birdfeeder on this tree too. We have known for a long time that it wasn't too healthy. With the squirrel hole and then the dead areas on the very top. Some tree guys came yesterday to clean it up and take off the dead part on the top and while up there they said the it was hallow all the way down and pretty rotten. Because of where it is located and how it would probably land on our neighbors house we wrestled with the fact that it is a nice big tree that we couldn't replace however, we also don't want to be unsafe. So they could have trimmed it leaving it open and exposed to fill with water and eventually become more of a problem...or they can take it down. It is coming down today. It will be exciting for Charley to watch but we have already talked about how the squirrel will have to find a new home. Last night I was fine with cutting it down. This morning I am really sad. Almost thinking of telling them to grab their chainsaws and take a hike. We are lucky to have other trees in our yard. This was one of the reasons we loved the yard of this house. So I guess we will just appreciate the other trees in our yard...why couldn't the rotten tree be the damn box elder tree that brings all the annoying bugs. It stands right next to the one coming down this morning.

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Oh so Sad Sarah - I love big old trees and remember that one from your house! Take pictures!


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