Thursday, October 9, 2008

Get a Grip

Okay, the title of this blog isn't meant for anyone that I know. Today Charley, Henry and I packed up for an outing to the Mall of America. We were meeting my friend Kim and her new little son, Tommy. We shopped a little, had lunch, and then hit the amusement park where Charley bravely rode three rides (one was a mini rollercoaster) THe mini rollercoaster was the only one I rode with him because the operater insisted. I have to say those 5 minutes did a number on my spirit. I laughed so hard because I was expecting this dumb litle putt putt ride but because it looped around in a circle at a fast clip we got whipped a little and it was a "real rollercoaster" in my eyes....anyways...back to the get a grip.

After riding the rollercoaster Charley was ready for a little break and so we headed over to lego land. Kim and I sat and visited on the bench while Charley puttered around. During our time we noticed a mom with a video camera. It is normal at the Mall of America to see cameras is a tourist destination....haha to me. Anyways, this mom actually snapped meanly at her daughter and son at least twice becuase they weren't playing in one spot so she could video them. She filmed them puttering around with legos for probably 20-30 minutes and when they wouldn't stay in one spot she yelled at them and then they still didn't listen (because, HELLO, why would they!) she made the most awful face. Kim and I chuckled but inside I know we were both doing a reality check and noting in our file cabinet of a brain never to get so into video camera-ing such a dumb experience that we miss out on seeing our children's wonder and take away their fun because we want to capture them on video. And we probably both wanted to go tap that lady on her shoulder and tell her to get a grip.

I know blogging has changed my life...for the better. I am more aware of times to take pictures and I look at each day taking note of my favorite moments....or moments I want to keep and remember for my children (because I will some how print these entries out so they have them). But I do not think that I will ever take my blog so serious that I take out the fun in my child's life because I want to capture a moment. Anyways...enough babbling. The mall has always been a fun people watching place...and it is even more fun when you see parents and children and you are a parent because you can relate to everyone in some way.

So here are a few pictures taken naturally without shouting at Charley to smile or stay put.

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