Friday, September 12, 2008

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Pick a few rooms in your house and call them your islands. Take a piece of paper and draw symbols for these rooms on the paper (like an apple for the kitchen and a tv for your family room). Take 4 post it notes and number them 1 thru 4. Hide each one on a different island. Then hide a treasure (a snack, an old toy, whatever makes your child happy). Your child's first job is to find post it note number 1 first. Give them a verbal clue or just tell them which island it is on. Once they find the post it note have them bring it to you and then you give them the next clue. They have to find the four clues before they get the final one.

This activity will keep your child busy while you can putter around the house getting things done. My son got hooked on it but I insisted that we only play it once a day so it was special.

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