Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Hoped To Inspire Charley to Question Things Today

This morning we had hoped to do an outdoor September activity...the apple orchard etc....but we woke up to rain. So after a quick breakfast we decided to go to the Minnesota Science Museum. Charley has been wanting to go to a museum where he can see "DINOSAURS" (said with a growl). I knew he would be a little young for the museum but he does seem to show interest in learning so I hoped that today he would get into the theme of the science museum...a place to question the world and figure out how it all works. I giggle now because the museum seemed to be overwhelming and a bit much for him...which I knew. Like every child he just moved from one thing to the next pushing the button furiously hoping for something to happen.

However, on the way he did question once again - his new preschool teacher. He fired these questions at us:

Does my teacher shower?
Does my teacher have kids?
Does my teacher have a house?
Does my teacher have a baby?
Does my teacher have a husband?
Does my teacher have a car? I have never seen it.
My teacher wears a different shirt everyday. Yesterday she wore a brown shirt with twirly things.

For most of these questions we guessed at the answers but told him he had to ask her. I wonder on Tuesday if he will greet her with his questions or if he will once again arrive at school ready to sit "Cris Cross Apple Sauce" ("because that is how we always have to sit, mama") and just be in awe of this new and magical person in his life, who he still insists that I know her name so he doesn't need to tell me. I wonder if he knows or if this is his way of avoiding the answer.

So our day of scientific questioning wasn't all that we dreamed but he did question his world.

I turned to Ed after this conversation in the car and explained that it is so fun to be on this end of the experience. For the last 8 years I have been the teacher and now I can only imagine what my students went home wondering and telling their parents.

By the way Ed and Charley worked hard at changing voltage, he used his sense of smell, and was in complete awe of the large dinosaurs...seen in the picture by his posture! We also all saw the Omnitheater movie that was all about the Great Lakes. Both Ed and I loved this and Charley has a new found love for his stuffed Sturgeon that he got from his Aunt Sara!


Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Charley it looks like you had a great time! Sometime when you're in Milwaukee we'll have to go to the Museum here and you and Braden can see more dinos!

gschneider said...

no fair! you totally have to invite me on these trips! I study the dang place for a living :)

Glad you went, and thanks for sharing. All these stories and pictures definitely make my day.


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