Saturday, September 13, 2008

Charley's Shopping List

I want to log this story on my blog because I am using this blog to share but also as a journel for my boys. This story makes me proud as a mom...but makes me wonder if it is just who Charley is...or is it something we did.

Last time we were at my mom and dad's, Charley was too excited to go to bed. So I told him to think about the next day's grocery shopping outing. At my mom's grocery store they have carts "just Charley's size". And Charley LOVES going shopping. He would go every day when we are there. So before bed I told him that he would go shopping with Grandma. And she would buy him any three things from the grocery store that he wanted. He could put three things on his list and she would get them for him. Charley knows that when we go to the grocery store we have to stick to the list...otherwise we would come home with a lot of things he just sees on the shelves (WHICH BY THE WAY! HOLY COW LOOK AT THAT PICTURE - You don't notice the craziness of the aisles when you are there). Anyways, I told him to think about it and he could share his list in the morning at breakfast.

At breakfast the next morning we asked him what three things were on his list and these are the three things he proudly announced:

1. Bananas
2. Tomatoes
3. Bologna (he has been asking for it for forever, I just don't buy it)

So those are the three things he came home with. However, Grandma couldn't say no to the oreo pudding that he saw when passing by the pudding aisle.

So my question to myself: Did we do something to cause him to love eating. He eats fruits and vegetables and most everything you give him. I wonder what Henry will be like. He already had troubles taking a bottle, didn't want to start table food until 7 months, and strongly looks down at his lap - signalling that he isn't happy with what is coming at him. Time will tell!

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