Monday, September 15, 2008

College Friends turn Mommy Divas

So I have to take a minute and give tribute to the gal that got me hooked on blogging. That would be my friend Sarah. I met her in college when fate put us one floor away in the all girls dorm. Her name and my name were so similar that I was getting calls from who I thought were long lost relatives...but they turned out to be her relatives. The second year of college - fate once again placed us as next door neighbors in another dorm. Could there be a stronger sign that we should get to know each other. Oh - and our birthdays are one day apart!

We had a lot of great times in college and drifted apart after college, not completely but didn't talk all that much. After we had our first sons we became breastfeeding buddies and talked nonstop on instant messaging and made it through that first year of motherhood (our boys are one month apart). Drifted apart...and after having our second child we have once again found each other during the day when we are home with no other adult communication.

Sarah is a creative friend that inspires others to give it a try. Her outlook on raising kids, being healthy, helping our environment, staying sane through motherhood, cooking/recipes, giving time to friends and our marriage...are all topics we hit often. I always walk away from my computer, I know sounds dumb, but I walk away thinking about life with a little more "sunshine". I treasure that I have her during the day, miss her when she isn't in cyberspace to chat with, and look forward to the occasional face to face visits we have. So Sarah - thanks for getting me started on blogging. It truly has brightened my days. I now take time each day to think of a moment that I appreciate and am thankful for. I encourage everyone to give it a try. Love you!

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

WOW Sarah - what a compliment! I too am so glad that we have reconnected and hope that we continue this connection throughout the rest of our lives. You provide me with such a great sounding board, plenty of motivation to be a better person and as always - great laughs! Ha! Thanks again - I am honored to be that person.


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