Monday, May 4, 2015

May goals

This week I am digging in.  
It is May...the last month before I have all three home for the summer.

The idea of summer coming is both exciting and daunting.  I LOVE the idea of less responsibility with getting the kids to school each day.  But I fear the lack of routine and they need that reading and skill time too and I always make big goals to make that part of our summer but, it often gets neglected.  I LOVE the idea of a summer bucket list and taking each day and making a little adventure out of it.  BUT, the boys are bigger and their energy is fierce.  They desire friends.  Syd is used to just her and I.  It is a transition.  One I fear at times.  

So I am taking May and trying to get a few things out that will help make the summer ahead better.

This week I am meal planning so that after school I can focus on getting the boys to get their homework done and we can play outside.  Meal planning will be key this summer.

Getting to the gym twice in the morning this week.  I haven't been going and I feel it in the way my clothes fit, my energy, and my mood.  Getting there twice this week will be a start.  Starting the day off doing something for me is a no brainer.  So I need to make it happen.  

I am also going to walk each day with Syd and the stroller because she begs and I am lazy to say no or after she goes to bed.  I want to get 10,000 steps each day.  No excuses.
Drinking more water.

Not rushing the kids out the door, giving them enough time to get out to door at their own annoying pace.  Slowing down.  

Henry will read morning and evening. 
Charley will practice his math facts and his soccer drills.
Syd will water the flowers and she will go to bed better by June 1st or there is going to be some sad cancellations of summer travel plans.  

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Raina and Andy said...

These are great May goals. you are right...summer is rolling in and I don't even see it coming-I can't imagine not having that morning routine. eeek. good luck. RR


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