Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Taking it all in...not taking it all on

A month that involves a lot of waiting.

Waiting to feel better. 
Waiting for holiday celebrations.
Waiting for Santa to come. 
Waiting for packages to arrive.
and this morning my girl...
Waiting for a friend to come visit.

It's Tuesday and I spent some time waiting this weekend and then was a little crushed when I put myself out there with my photography journey and then it didn't quite go the way I had hoped.  But I learned.  I was reminded that I need to slow down sometimes.  I learned so much about myself and was reminded that sometimes it is so easy to get swept up seeing what other people are doing that you lose your own voice or you get swept up wanting things that aren't even on your radar to begin with.  

This holiday season can get like that, too.  Last week I frantically made this advent calendar of activities for our family to conquer this season.  Grandma Charlie was here and saw me hurrying to get it done on December first so we wouldn't be behind.  A bunch of my friends were doing them and I got swept up thinking that I had to do one too.  We opened that first door that I strategically made do-able.  Syd was already in bed though.  So the "read three holiday books as a family.....well,  We hurried through two holiday books instead of three with two kids not three.  And we have yet to do another day and it is now...December 9th.  

The lesson....celebrate what others are doing, but know your limits.  Know what works for you or your family.  And instead of rushing to do what others are doing, be proud of what you are experiencing in life!  

 Did we all go get a Christmas tree?  YES.  
Did we watch a holiday cartoon?  YES.  
Did we decorate the tree? YES. 
 Has our Elf on a Shelf moved every night?  YES (well, he missed on night prior to December 1st so it doesn't count. haha).  
Did Ed and I have date night to get Christmas shopping done?  YES!  
Have we made a paper chain?  YES.
Did we order our holiday cards?  YES.
Did we make Christmas wish lists? YES.
Did St. Nick visit?  YES.

 Take in what is going on all around you...but, don't feel like you have to take it on.  Most likely, what you already have going on is what is right for your family.  And enjoy the wait!  The wait and the anticipation and the preparation for this season can be some of the best parts!    

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