Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Little Mary Lou

Her teeny tiny downhill ski gear is sitting in the corner here.  It finally arrived.  They had trouble finding her size, sigh.  So she doesn't get the pink ones she picked out.  They are blue.  And they are so wee.  And she talks about it.  The reality that my Syd will be conquering the slopes this winter has me a tad nervous.  

So I am going to enjoy this safe little quiet gymnastics class she is doing.  She is with just three little friends who she knows.  They are all quiet and in love with the half hour.  And we mamas sit and watch and snap pictures and sip coffee and talk while giving thumbs up over and over.  

Her teacher is sweet.  And the experience has been wonderful so far!  

I haven't blogged enough about this new school year that has mama and Syd adventure time from 9-4 everyday.  I am savoring it and still get a icky feeling in my tummy thinking of how far I have come with my photography and how badly I want to go back and capture them with all that I have learned.  So many photography friends are still in the throws of all their kids home for more time than they are away.  And I am just so jealous of that.  BUT, I only let myself have a pity party for a few moments.  And then I realize how each stage and experience in life has brought us to where we are today....

And on Monday mornings Syd finds herself on the balance beam.  Sure.  Confident.  And simply precious.  And I am there focused on her for those small moments.  

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Pat said...

Can you email me that top pic?


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