Wednesday, December 17, 2014

baking up a kissable batch of cookies

I am amazingly less stressed this holiday season.  Maybe because I have given us permission to simplify.  We are doing a lot of amazon shopping to avoid the stores and over purchasing things we see and throw in the cart.  We have made two kinds of cookies so far...the kiss cookies I drag out.  Syd unwrapped the kisses one day.  We made the batter the next morning.  We let it chill and then made them in the afternoon.  Baked with love and patience.  

My mom gifted me a book with recipes she wrote in her own handwriting.  It is my most used and loved cook book.  Smudges and all. 

Today is a reheated cup of coffee fro yesterday to start the day and a new pot brewed at 10am.  Our holiday cards are in the mailbox with the flag up thanks to Charley.  Laundry was carried up by both boys...baskets to be unloaded today.   A playdate for little gal.  Lunch with a friend at the kitchen table for me.  And hoping to conquer wrapping and chex mix for the great great aunts and uncles in our life.   We are going NO WHERE except to bring the boys to school and to pick them up.  I am determined to accomplish what needs to be done with nothing else added. 


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I love kiss cookies and was gifted some by my daughters teacher yesterday. I don't usually bake them bc I am the only one who seems to eat them.
Love baking with kids. I wish I could do that this morning. But instead I sit and wait for new tires for my car. Would much rather be at home.

Raina and Andy said...

Can't wait to see you all. So true about online shopping. I went to toys r us and left spending double what I wanted but yet wasn't able to check anyone off my list. Frustrating. I have that same cookbook and mine is all smudgy too!!!! Rr

Barb said...

Such a cool post.


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