Saturday, November 22, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014.   The costumes....

Syd wanted to be me all as you can see she looks just like me! haha.  Just kidding.  Her amazing Grandma Charlie was making an Olaf and Elsa costume for her cousins so Grandma offered to make Syd one too.  It was beautiful and hangs on her wall now as decoration!  

Charley was Harry Potter last year and everyone loved it.  He didn't want to be it again even though I pointed out that he was still Harry Potter obsessed (books, movies, and video games).  His grandma had spent time making the realistic cloak that was perfect for the cold weather.  At dinner 2 nights before Halloween I mentally thought, maybe if I offer to pay him he would just be content.  The kid likes to shop and get new things.  So I thought, he or I would probably spend $20 at least at Target.  But I am not offering that.  Maybe $5.  But took a chance and said, "$2 if you are happy being Potter again."  He agreed.  And I don't think I ever paid him.  Woot! for betting low and winning!  And adorable he was! 

Henry was a teenage mutant turtle again.  And he seems to always be the same thing two years in a row.  But he is always so happy with what he is.  I had planned on working on something new for him this year but he didn't really have any strong desires.  I had lunch one day with him and the other boys in his class.  I asked them what they were being for Halloween and at least 5 of them said they were being Turtles!  And the decision was made...even though the costume was a tad small :)  


The ultimate was that while up north visiting Ed jokingly asked his mom to make him an Olaf costume when he saw what she was making our little nephew.  He came home telling me he did that but did not expect it to be taken seriously.  haha.   A week or so before Halloween I got a text from his mom with a picture of the costume.  It came in the mail with Syd's dress and I had them open it together.  HUGE smile on Ed's face.  Grandma said that Ed never asks for anything so she had to do this.  It made my Halloween and I don't know if Syd realized how incredible this Halloween was with her dad being Olaf...but, someday she will look back and she will get it.  

Also fun this year was the fun of having Uncle Greg and Aunt Liz and Fox here.  They came trick or treating with us.  Uncle Greg got cold the fastest. haha.  Syd led the pack for the first half and everyone decided it was time to head home without a whine.  The temps were such.  

It was a pretty great Halloween. 
The next day the kids filled their envelopes for the countdown to Thanksgiving.  Well basically it just keeps the candy stored in a way that I can't steal any. haha.  


Barb said...

This is an amazing post and of course many of us are thrilled to read your words again! Charley's shoe laces, Henry's happiness (his pumpkin turned out perfect, remember?), Syd's new wall hanging and of course Ed's costume -- what wonderful Halloween memories. Grandma Charley is a wonder. Hey Sarah, don't forget to pay Charley his $2.

Raina and Andy said...

Love all the costumes. Especially eds! Ps uncle greg needs to wear a costume and run in order to,stay warm. Just like the kids! Rr


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