Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moments we realize the limits we set sometimes are still there, when we aren't.

Today I gave Charley $3.00 to spend at golf camp during snack.  Some of his buddies brought money yesterday.  I can't wait to hear what he does with it.

They won some game the other day and yesterday got to pick pop as a prize.  I had meant to call and complain about the offering given the boys were at a sport camp and should be encouraged to choose healthy things.  BUT, I forgot, which is best....I need to let the kid go a bit.  So when I picked him up I asked him what pop he chose and he picked Sprite.  I seriously had to turn away and take a deep breath. SO proud of him.  We have started allowing pop occasionally and it is always orange or sprite type pops. They have just tried grape and they both did okay with root beer once.  But it is so good to hear that the things you choose for your family are choices they continue to make when out in the world on their own.  If he had picked a new pop, it would have been okay.  But as moms and dads, when they are crossing that bridge and some kids choose to jump and your kid chooses not to jump this time because it isn't the choice our family makes...well, kinda makes you proud.  (And I am not saying that jumping is the wrong choice, or picking a different pop...I am just glad to hear he continues to pick the things with the limits we have set in our house).

Henry had a buddy with skittles yesterday and he told me that the boy didn't want to finish them all and so they threw them away.  Cracked me up.  He too doesn't take gum and candy from his carpool mom on his ride home from preschool.  Which again, he should have accepted the treats.  But cracks me up that he knows we don't get those candy treats all that often and they threw them away.

Yesterday we drove a boy home from camp and he chatted about his dad and his job and college and what he wants to do someday and Henry chimed in and both discussed that their dads were managers but managed different things.  And how they wanted to go to college for certain reasons but not for other reasons.  It was the cutest conversation.  Again, amazing how kids start pondering things and look so closely at their parents and the choices we make.  This kiddo always says thank you when he pops out of our car.  That mama should be so proud, she is raising a great kid.  I wonder if my boys say thank you enough.  I doubt it.

Now Sydney, I already know she would have taken the Mountain Dew and finished her friend's can and snuck the money ahead of time to buy herself and three friends big bags of candy. HAHA!  And while they were talking about college she was trying to whistle (which to her means  very high pitched howl).

But for now, relishing in the simple.

I have seen this quote about being so busy worrying about raising great kids that we don't realize we already have great kids.  I KNOW for a fact that I forget to notice this from time to time.  We moms who are immersed in our children often for long hours of the is so easy to not see the great that is already right there in front of our noses.

Have you had a moment when you heard about something your child did when they weren't with you that made you proud because the things you were working so hard to choose for your family were there....even when you weren't?


Anonymous said...

When my 16 year old son was about Charley's age he went to a friends house to play. They played video games. I am very strict about video game ratings. My son told the other boy that he couldn't play what the other boys were playing because he wasn't allowed. So luckily they just picked another game that everyone could play. I was very proud of him for following the rules when I NEVER would have known what he played had he not told me. To this day he is still a really good kid that doesn't give me a hard time about limitations we set.

Anonymous said...

Yes-Char says thank you all the time :)


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