Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This girl

This girl got up with daddy this morning at too early o'clock.
This girl had cream of wheat with red sprinkles on it for breakfast.
This girl got dressed in clothes and played with new friends today.  
This girl did puzzles and played kitchen with her brother. 
This girl watched Strawberry Shortcake.

This girl got a hair cut today. 
This girl looks different than yesterday when she was eating that ice cream cone. 
This girl is signed up for her first dance class, beginning at the end of the month. 
This girl is starting to ponder potty training.  I can tell.  
This girl is three.  And the terrible twos have nothing on the year of three.  I just keep telling myself that this is her time to start experimenting with power.  And it is part of my job to rein it in and keep it in check and let her experience it and a lack of it.  There is a give and take going on here all day long, and it is exhausting.  But it is also very worth it.  And I am so glad I have this spunky one.

Tomorrow this girl gets to  go to daycare for the morning.  I get to go get my baby fix and take pictures of a new little baby!  6 days old.  I am focusing on the the word "get".    

Because, she tried it on Monday for an hour and had a blast.  And we spend every day together...lately, starting at 5am or earlier.  And she doesn't nap or have quiet we get plenty.  And this photography thing is exciting and new and challenging and something that makes me happy, too.  Why as moms do we make ourselves crazy like this. 

That up there is my girl.  And she can take her spunk and new stylish haircut and rock tomorrow morning away from her mama!  It's about letting them fly...and maybe flying a little ourselves.  right? 

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