Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I think in the last four weeks....Ed has travelled three of them Mon-Thursday.
He has returned home early two of the weeks.  Last week he walked in at 2, I wasn't expecting it, and I was sitting on the couch watching Peter Rabbit....with the kids.  Awesome.

This week he was excited to tell me he was coming home tonight instead of tomorrow.  But sadly, it helps me none.  If he got home earlier in the day tomorrow we would maybe get a gift of a little daddy time in the daylight.  But it is what it is.  This is why I am a stay at home mom.  Because the thought of juggling all this solo parenting and a full time teaching career during conference season, which it is right now, with a traveling husband, sounds overwhelmingly awful.    I would fail.  For sure.   Or maybe I would paddle through it, but I don't think anyone would be getting my best.

So we are trucking through another week.  Coffee maker crapped out Sunday.  They are sending a replacement, cool.  But it could take 2 weeks.  A neighbor has an extra pot and is dropping it off today.  What a gift.  The price of Starbucks for two weeks could probably buy us a better coffee maker than the one being replaced.

It snowed buckets on Monday.  My sister stayed, even though the weather prediction indicated leaving on Sunday might be the smarter choice.  It always snows when Ed travels too.  So I continue to shovel like the amazing woman that I am...while all our manly neighbors get out their big blowers and snowplow their driveways.  Of course, they always do the mailbox area and the end of the driveway if they are faster than I am, which is rare.  I am woman, hear me roar.

Syd had a 3 year well check this morning.  We rescheduled twice because Ed likes to be at these.  But he still had to travel.  But having already rescheduled I couldn't do it again.  So the early morning appointment bit me in the ass because I had to trudge all there kids there, with no coffee in the system.  They are of course GREAT.  So thankful.  Miss Syd is now in the 38% for her weight and 70% for her height.  She was always so is nice to see her heading up a bit.  But he said stay on the whole milk for a bit longer.  So we will.

Charley had ski practice last night.  Our amazing little neighbor girl popped over to babysit Syd so Henry and I could hang out and have dinner a little more relaxed.  And since Syd was up at 4 for a bit and then walked the zoo all morning yesterday...she was going to be ready for bed.  So Miss Hana put her to bed for the first time.  Such a treat!

The sun is shining and our bags are packed, AGAIN, for the ski hill.  Henry has lessons today.  So I will pick him up and race him over to the hill.  He has been pretty confident about doing the lessons this year, so I am hoping he is all ready to go when I pick him up.  He has three lessons coming up!

Tomorrow we are getting another dump of snow!  So fun!  The temps have finally been beautiful.  We have spent a few hours outside playing and building a big snow bear in our front yard.  The banks along our streets here are huge.  I can't imagine what they will look like if we really get 5-12 inches of snow!

My cell phone won't stay charged for more than 30 minutes.  If you hang out with me, like Lynelle did yesterday, you will have to listen to me talk about it every 15 minutes.  Seriously.  I need a new phone.  First world problems.  I know.  But seriously, makes me twitch not to be able to be connected.  And yesterday at the zoo I had to give Ed the phone number of my friend because I would otherwise be unreachable...WHAT!  impossible!  It is when the world expects you to be available all the time.  It is kind of nice to be disconnected a little more, but when the school thinks you are available and you have experienced your son's school having a fire a few years ago...and you didn't get the call because you were being a good mom and leaving your phone in your purse for an hour so you didn't ignore your child or friends...well, you are therefore a bit more paranoid about not having a working phone.

I am sure I didn't use periods or make any sense in that paragraph.  Sorry.  Typing this fast because we need to redress Syd, since she undresses, STILL, as soon as we get home.

Oh and I whispered to the doc that Syd could use a little encouragement to potty train and he looked at me, tipped his head, and said to ME - She will when she is ready.  Relax there mom.  Don't push it. AND THAT IS WHY I LOVE OUR DOCTOR!  NO more feeling judged that potty training isn't happening yet.  I know when she is ready it will take a day.  And forcing it isn't worth it.  So THANK you DR. for not even saying anything to her and just speaking to my mama anxiety.  Love that.  

And on that note, I am off to throw every snack I can find into my purse.  A coloring book, the iPad, and my phone charging cord.  Praying for a relaxing hour in the chalet with my girl and the opportunity to ignore the mega pile of laundry, dishwasher that needs unloading, and crumby kitchen floor!

Oh, and Syd woke up and announced, "Today is Who-E's birthday!"  What the heck!  How did she remember!  Love her.  And love him!

I am totally posting this without rereading it for spelling and grammar.  Sorry.  But I don't have time for that right now.  So it is don't post ...or post and apologize later!

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Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Bet it was nice to have visitors to start the week with Ed gone. Being the solo parent is tough hang in there:)

My phone wouldn't keep a charge last year and it was right after I updated the operating system. I couldn't revert to the old but I did reinstall and that stopped the issue I believe. Just a thought. I got a new one for my bday but before that I wasn't updating the operating system anymore bc of that


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