Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ages and stages

The journey of parenthood is full of ages and stages.  Milestones you anticipate excitedly and milestones that pull at your heart.  Some ages and stages feel like they will last you will have the 18 year old kid who still doesn't sleep through the night.  Or the 31 year old kid that doesn't put his laundry in the hamper.  

Our girl Syd isn't showing interest in potty training.  I am trying really hard to not feel pressure or stress over this.  I am going to just relish the fact that she is our last in diapers.  And I am also so grateful that my Uncle Wayne built this amazing dresser that allows me to believe that if she is 6 and still in least she will still fit on her changing table.  Sigh.  

What ages and stages seem like they will last forever? or positively...what age or stage do you wish would last forever!


Katherine :) said...

For me, it's the 'will you snuggle with me, mom?' that I don't always say yes to because I'm too tired or I want 'me' time. I know that question will stop one day. Also I remember reading in our big chair in our bedroom, every night before bed, with both kids since they were little. We all fit. I realize that that has ended and I don't even remember when. It's like one day you realize that you missed the last moment of that part of life. It's sad. I want to, I need to, be a mama that looks forward more with a smile than I look backward with sadness.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

It is different when it is your last I think. I remember not caring so much about my girl getting potty trained, it happened.
I remember moms sort of judging me, and not getting it cause they had little ones in diapers and for me my little one was my 2.5 year old girl. She still is my little one and always will be:)
I wish the age of kids being at home lasted forever, and I am not just talking about the 0-5 year age.


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