Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from For the Love of Naps.
This is the picture I put on our holiday card.  Thought I would share the final pick. 

We had a splendid little holiday here in our house.  
We may have had a kiddo up at 3...who never went back to sleep.  Only he knows....well, we will probably be able to tell in the next 18 hours when he looses his marbles and so do we. 

Here are a few moments from our morning.  
I didn't take many pictures.  Soaked in the moment.  Held my coffee cup instead of my camera.  

We woke to some snow and got a little shoveling in after we spent time opening presents as a family. 

The stockings were always a favorite of mine when I was little.  And they still are.  So fun that Santa still fills a stocking for Ed and I.  Santa must have had so much fun stuffing Syd's stocking this year.  It's the little things.  

 Someday she will hate me for posting these pictures!  But potty training is right around the corner.  I would do it today if we didn't spend so many hours in the car during the holidays.  We don't need to add hours to our ride so that she can explore and see the inside of every rest stop along the way.  So right after the holidays we will go at it.  Thankfully, Santa brought some groovy underwear.  

She also got her Princess Sofia doll and her own pink sled and snow shovel!  

The boys had big desires this holiday.  It was so hard for Ed and I to figure out what to do for them.  A little note to Santa had him going with a pretty big ticket item for their gift under the tree.  But it was only one item and it will be shared.  Instead of something big like Nintendo DS little systems for each of them which would put us in the poor house...we invested in something they will share and play together.  We'll see if it was a good decision.  

And it was all because of this game. 

Anytime I point the camera in Charley's direction he does obnoxious faces.  So therefore, this lovely little post isn't celebrating his 9 year old tongue or weird faces! haha.  I will capture him more later!  

Because, I am going to need some practice because I got a backdrop thingy for Christmas...which means, new challenges and opportunities for this photo adventure of mine.  

Syd let me snap one single picture of her.  So fun!  

There was a TON of winter gear given this year.  New base layer gear (the new term for long underwear), mittens, gloves, socks, ski boot bags, google protective stuff.....and a ski rack for the top of my car.  So off the boys went to hit the slopes for an hour or two this afternoon.  Syd and I baked some cookies for our next holiday family extravaganza!  And it will be early to bed because two of the three have funny noses.  And one of the three was up at 3...which means, mama was up too.  

Merry Christmas to you and yours.  
As your Christmas day comes to a close...there may have been sickness, weather that kept you from where you were going, maybe your dryer died, or things on your mama to do list that didn't get done. Maybe, like me, you didn't cook some traditional meal...and you had your normal breakfast and hotdogs for lunch.   But when you look at your remember, underneath it all...just like Syd's new little underwear...underneath it all are the little moments that make up the little details that will put a big old smile on your face.  

Thanks again for reading!  
What little details were underneath all the big stuff today making this overwhelming holiday so special.?


Anonymous said...

Love the undies shots! I stressed abo the right gifts this year for the boys, no matter what I do it doesn't seem like they play with any of it long enough. Ha. But they smiled and loved it all! Great shots. Rr

shellycoulter said...

I didn't know they had Minecraft for the 360. I will have to look for that. :)


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