Friday, December 27, 2013

holiday pizazz

This lady has become such a good friend. 
We text all day and when we don't text for a few days...I miss our quick conversations. 
We met during our birthing classes when Charley was on his way.  
We lived in different cities...but were connected to the same hospital. 
Then we moved to her city, not knowing, and moved in across the street from her parents.  
We recognized each other...our boys were in the same half day kindergarten class of 16.  
And our friendship has slowly grown.  

This year our new and exciting holiday fun was a limo bus light tour with her family. 
Not just her crew of three that almost matches our crew of three...two boys and a little girl!  
No, her parents and siblings.  It was so much fun to hang out and relax and watch the kids (and dads) have such a great time together.  

I was busy snapping moments up with my camera.  The boys danced and sang to music dj Brock played.  Ed laughed and had so much fun.  
And it will be a night the kids remember for a lifetime. 

Thanks Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Dave, and Haley and family!  
We really enjoyed the whole evening!  


Anonymous said...

What great fun. I loved being part of the night even if it was during the BLACk moments. Hahaha. Maybe we will be in town next year on this fun night!
And what a small guys were meant to be buds! R

Anonymous said...

Love the post Sarah! So lucky to have you as a friend! Haley

shellycoulter said...

looks like so much fun! :)


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