Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Coffee talk...although I never did get my cup

It is October 1st today. 
Who else is blown away that summer is over and we are in the throws of the 2013-2014 school year!  
We have perfect weather lately.  Wouldn't necessarily call it fall since we are still sweating and wearing shorts.  But there is no humidity.  The windows can be open.  You can play outside comfortably.  The skies are blue.  And the grass is green!  Yipee!

Our fridge is bare.  So grocery shopping is in the cards for us today. 
But Syd actually asked to go to the gym this morning and we so we went.  Last time she cried a tad when I separated from her to go exercise.  Today, two kisses and a hug and she marched off to play.  She called them her friends when we got home.  It is Oct. 1st and I made it to the gym.  
Not canceling that membership Edward.  Sorry. 

A few weeks ago we went to a pricey fall fest place around our area.
My sister posted such fun pictures today on her blog and reminded me I hadn't really posted mine.  
I sure wish we could do these things together!
We go every year.  We love it.  Once you are in there is plenty to do for free.  This year we got all three to go down the slide...an extra 2 bucks a ride.  Worth it to see all their faces!  
They climbed straw/hay bales (got in trouble last year for calling them the wrong thing).  
They raced through mazes and did the GIANT Corn maze.  Syd rode a pony.  But the corn pit with swinging rope was the big thrill this year for Charley.  

The corn pit in general was our favorite part. 
Not so favorite part is coming home and finding corn everywhere.  Everyone smiles when they hang out in the corn pit.  And my kids could do it for hours!  

Hey, big news!  I bought hairspray and my own hair sculpting stuff.  I have been without hairspray since spring and using Ed's gel whatever it is since then too.  Woohoo!  I feel like a lady again!  

Soccer practice tonight is going to be heavenly with this weather.  They played in the rain this past weekend and that just makes it so less fun when you have a little Syd in the picture.  
Charley's games are really fun to watch, they are playing to win now and they have pulled off wins the last few weeks in the last minute of the game.  So cool. 
Henry is coming along.  He has it in him!  SO MUCH.  But his hesitant personality holds him back.  But each game he seems a bit more confident.  
My mom and I laugh that Sydney is going to be the one to really go all out when her turn comes. 

Most days Sydney demands to wear her swimsuit. 
These are the days that I will remember and want to go back to.  I know they are the best ones. 
So I am trying this week to not get so crazy about the battle over swimsuit wearing, as long as she puts clothes on over when we go places.  

It is almost time to go get Henry.  
And then it is time to get some Halloween action going here.  
The boys spent yesterday evening decorating their bedroom, it is actually really cute.  I will have to snap a few pictures.  I just made the rule that I had to be able to walk through the door in the dark to deal with them when they wake at night without getting a face full of spider web or streamers.  

Which reminds me, I must add tape to our grocery list, yet again.  


Barb said...

It's so great to get a grandma "fix" these days. Pix of the kids are fun! Love Henry's big smile, the fear in Miss Syd's face on the horse and the slide, and Charley's face in his stance on the tire and of course the rope swing into the corn. Such a fun place for all ages.

shellycoulter said...

The corn pit looks awesome! Our place is really cool...but their corn pit is a little kiddy pool with sandbox toys. That's great. I may have to look around at different farms for one of those. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! What struck me is when you said you have to go in the boys room when they wake at night - I am just wondering how often they wake and what are the reasons - it happens to us too - Amber sometimes has an accident, Evelyn looses her blankie and once in a while Nora needs her inhaler (minor asthma) and when I am in the moment of course I feel like other mom's kids don't wake them up at night at all, but I guess it happens. Jamie Trampe


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