Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miss Syd

This girl will sing one long note.
I will say, "that's beautiful."
She will respond, "uh huh."  
She knows. 

Yesterday was her first day of "class."  
Someone asked her if she goes to school today, because she was wearing her backpack everywhere we went.  She responded, "I go to school today like Henry."  
She made a picture for her teacher and brought it to school in her backpack.

She didn't cry when it came time for mama to separate and go talk mommy business in an adjoining room.  She was brave and strong and proud.  
She proudly showed her brothers her red paint stamped apple she made.  

I haven't been to an ECFE class with just one kiddo since Charley was 2.  
It felt odd today only having Syd...not being the mom with the most kids to give attention to.  
It's sad, but also special.  
Friday will be a favorite day of the week for us girls.  

But Saturdays are pretty darn great too!  What is your plan for the weekend?

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Anonymous said...

I need an outing with this gal! RR


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