Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kid activity: Park game - hide the shark

*photo taken by Kelly D. 

If your summer is starting to get long and you are running out of parks to visit...and your kiddos aren't thrilled by parks for very long is time to add a new thrill.  

This past weekend I stuck a plastic shark figurine in my pocket and when things slowed down at the park we played, "Hide the Shark."  

The kids didn't peek and I hid the shark somewhere on the equipment.  The person that found it first got to be the next hider.  All ages could play, it got them running, and sliding.  Kids could come in and out of the game.  It lengthened the park visit and allowed for two moms to sit on the bench and chat :)

Just an idea for the long summer days!  

1 comment:

Raina and Andy said...

love your ideas! can't wait for hugh to be old enough to do this. but good idea when we are with cousins or other friends. keep those ideas coming. simple, but you just don't think of it by good to hear them from you.RR


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