Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everyday moments around these parts

Syd is strutting around in princess dresses like she owns them. 

Charley is hanging in there with private violin lessons.  
Wish I would have done this day one.

Who is eating oreo cookies?

Summer is ending quicker than we can handle.  So parks are being visited daily and afternoon treats might be a bit extravagant.  A local coffee shop has an incredible waffle selection...s'mores was the boys choice to share.  And Syd and I shared the monthly special: banana split! 

For my birthday we got a bike rack and can now make family bike rides around a near by parks lake.  
Both boys can do the 3.5 mile loop like champs!

And little sis is a happy camper with her raisins.

Charley finished off the summer with golf camp and a lego robotics camp.  He had a blast at both.  
THese last two weeks we are just doing what comes naturally each day.  Yesterday we didn't leave the house and hung out in the yard with water balloons and even had pizza delivered for lunch.  

Today we are heading to the doc for mama.  Just to make sure my cough is allergy and nothing more.  

We are highly anticipating some Cousin Morgan time.
Lots on our list of things we would like to do with her.  
Then one more week of full blown summer and then it is time for the school routine to start up. 
Charley is so excited for school, which makes this mama's heart so happy given he is doing a school change this year.  Henry isn't so excited but hopefully he will catch the excitement soon.  He is going to do great.  
Syd is counting down to her Friday class starting up soon.  She talks about it every day.  

It is Thursday!  And we're off!  


Grandma Charlie said...

As always, love those photos! But who is that grown up boy in the white shirt and hat?

Barb said...

Similar to Grandma Charlie, that grown up golfer in your fAmily...tugs at my heart and I know a couple of great grandparents up in heaven are smiling huge! Love all the photos and love all that you guys Re doing to end your summer freedom. Or shall we call it ending one segment and starting new, with new friends to make along the way.

Anonymous said...

love the pic of syd in dress. haha!!! so funny that all of a sudden BAM you have a little girl there. cute. neat about bike too. can't wait to hit that phase. waffle place looks amazing. RR


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