Wednesday, July 10, 2013

sishing (sydney's term)

 One of my favorite Up North adventures this trip was (SISHING - as Sydney would call it)  off the breakwall. 
Uncle Mike, Aunt Becca, and cousin Morgan had done a lot of fishing all week.  
And we got to enjoy a good feast of perch...and then we got to enjoy the adventure of fishing. 
I wasn't sure how it was going to go with little Miss Syd in the picture.  
But it ended up being awesome. 

We fished with minnows and pulled in nice size perch for almost two hours...I think. 
Charley put on his own minnows and took off his own fish. 
Henry can cast like a pro but gets a little excited when reeling in a fish and ended up pulling too hard and lost a lot of BIG fish.  

Sydney sat by Grandma for the first half of the adventure like the perfect little two year old fishing lady.  She then wanted in on the action and became our pro fish tosser backer....she was not afraid to touch or hold the fish at all!  And she loved trying to grab minnows for people.  I know how I am going to keep her busy this year at the cottage!  

Miss Morgan was a trooper.  She had done a lot of fishing all week but hung in there for the whole thing because my boys weren't going home early.  

And being around Aunt Becca who is expecting their second little miracle had me yearning for my own belly bump.  Next year they will have two little fishing crew members! 

We had so much fun that we returned and fished in the pouring rain one other night.  
And I pulled in a approximately 15 inch bullhead.  YUCK! 

And just as Ed was pulling in his line to pack up to leave he got a huge hit and caught an approximately 20 inch northern!  

All very exciting!  Love the simple fun we savored both evenings in Lake Superior. 

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