Wednesday, June 19, 2013

summer check in - week 2 (bucket list peek)

The summer is in fully swing. 
I told my sister the summer was going so fast, it was sad to me. 
She said to snap out of it and reminded me that it has only been just about two weeks on summer break.  
Okay. Okay.  She's right. 

summer bucket list pictured above is made on large poster board 

Maybe it is the lack of summer weather (heck, I wore jeans comfortably yesterday), or the fact that I can rattle off fun adventures and activities that sit simmering on our calendar...waiting for us to dip in and enjoy them.  
Either way, it is just moments away from the Fourth of July and then the cottage week and then school starts. Right? haha.  Summer goes so fast.  
And with friends and family that are pregnant - the weeks are counted down and that tends to make time fly too.  

I will stop worrying about time and just embrace it.  

After his concert he decided he wanted to continue.  

As I look at our summer so far I feel good about the balance of out and about and quiet moments at home.  We have nice relaxed mornings in pjs.  Then head off to drop various boys at various activities.  Henry is on his second session of swim lessons that occur everyday.  They know us well at the pool.  And Charley is enjoying orchestra camp (who would have thought?).  
Both activities get us showered, dressed, and out the door.  Both activities have them out of the house, seeing friends, and yearning to return home to play legos with each other.  

We have ventured to the pool twice and succeeded as a small tribe of three with just their mama. 
We have explored other near by towns...stopping at parks, checking out cupcake shops, and splurging on lunch at a cute bakery.  

 We have rode bikes to parks or just circled our cul de sac over and over.  
We have grilled and played in the yard while daddy mowed in the evening.  

We have  supported the Dairy Queen franchise, not once but twice, by splurging on the summer's signature S'mores blizzard which is PHENOMENAL.   A friend recommended and we just had to try.  It even sold out at our local DQ.  GO GET YOURSELF ONE!  You won't regret. 
We also made s'mores around our own little the rain. 

We color pictures, swing on our swing set, water the flowers, and chalk up our driveway.
The laundry is behind, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, I can't seem to get on the right cycle with the dishwasher where we don't have a counter full of dishes.   But we are managing. 

The choices have been good ones so far.  
Not worrying about perfect.
Not worrying about planning too far ahead.
Not worrying about what others think, and focusing on what works for us.
Not worrying about sun guilt.
Just going with the flow so far and it's working.   

What has been your favorite summer moment so far?

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