Friday, June 14, 2013

forget the sun guilt - embrace the museum moment

 The other day I had mentioned going to a local engineering museum with the kids.  
I happened to think to look on their website to make sure they were open, and they weren't.  
It was a rainy day when we planned to go.  

The boys then suggested going the next day. 
So yesterday, when the skies were finally blue and the temps were perfectly summer...we cruised on over to an almost empty museum for an hour and a half.  

While standing around watching my three all in action...building towers, learning about sensors, constructing circuits that made bulbs light, motors turn, and alarms sound...I texted my sister saying I felt guilty that we weren't outside in the sunshine. 

She said let go of the sun guilt. 
The only person who makes us feel guilty for doing indoor activities in the summer is ourselves. 
Our children don't realize that the weather helps form our decisions in moment to moment choices and that perfect summer weather days can mean pressure to be out enjoying it every second that we can....

With the spring we have had, the sun guilt was something fierce yesterday. 
But thanks to my sister, reminding me that we have the second half of the day to be outside...I let it go and sat back and enjoyed the quiet museum all to ourselves.  

Sydney remembered building these blocks when we pulled into the parking lot.  She was so proud to help her brothers.  And I love watching them all work together. 

Building our days around the weather is important, but just because the sun is shining doesn't mean we can't do something indoors.  Sun guilt.  Let it go.  I did and found that in the afternoon we rode bikes, mowed the lawn, played tennis, went swinging,  rode bikes, and went to the pool...and got plenty of vitamin D. 

What are you doing this Friday summer day?


gschneider said...

Ah! Is this the Bakken?!

Anonymous said...

We had our first impromptu neighborhood day. Friends over to do water play and lemonade. Yay!


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