Friday, June 21, 2013

Five minute friday : Rhythm

Every week I vow to find a better rhythm to this whole blogging thing.
I used to invest more time.
Sitting up a night next to Ed playing around with this space and making it my own.
But life has gotten busier and it is hard to keep up most of the time.

I have a hard time keeping a steady rhythm where I write and plan it out to post daily and often instead do multiple posts one day and leave this space quiet for a day or two in a row.

 no consistent rhythm.

Summer rolls around and I think, I will catch a new rhythm, but then todayI realize,
maybe this is the time in my life when these three littles that are still settled so safely under my wings, playing underfoot, are actually controlling my rhythm whether they know it or not.  And this rhythm that doesn't always make for consistent blogging - is a rhythm I should just embrace and enjoy.

As a mama that blogs and writes with chaos typically right underfoot or climbing on my lap or whining in my ear or while something begins to burn in the oven.  As a mama who gets up extra early to try and fit in a quiet moment to write or stays up too late because it is a chance to breathe and think in peace....

I found this video to capture the reality of a mama who tries to create with the beautiful rhythm of motherhood conducting the beat, tempo, and all the other elements that come into play as we find our blogging rhythm.

Happy Friday, my friends.

It is your comments and emails that help my blogging rhythm from becoming silent and still.
They mean the world.  


All week we got up with plenty of lazy time in pjs.
But then  got out the door to camps and swim lessons..home for lunch, attempted naps, and our blue plastic classic pool entertained for hours this week.

This morning the boys excitedly asked if today was the day when we had no where to be?
I confirmed that yes, we had nothing planned.  And both boys excitedly replied, "YES!"
Sometimes I get so wrapped up in our summer bucket list, keeping them busy, and making myself crazy thinking summer passes so fast that we have to go, go, go.
That I forget that lazy days in pjs, a few too many cartoons, and being bored is a rhythm that is what they desire too.  And so today we will embrace today's beat.  Steady and at home.

This is linked to Lisa Jo-Baker's Five Minute Friday
Five Minute Friday


Taryn Raulston said...

(Found you at FiveMinuteFriday) I can totally relate! My blogging is sporadic, and my little ones create a rhythm that feels chaotic - I too need to embrace it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Theresa said...

Funny from the outside looking in you totally have a rhythm and are a super consistent blogger! However you are getting it done, it's working :)

Raina and Andy said...

Loved that little video. Love how moms still take a little time to be THEM and create! Love when you blog. And no mama guilt should ever get in the way because most of the time you are blogging about or for them! Loved to see all the different passions moms have and how they keep the area they use to create it.

Anna Rendell said...

Love that you jump into FMF too =) It's good, right? To be able to just write for a few minutes? Love it.


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