Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer is coming!

Summer is chasing us down, even though the weather isn't feeling it.
Charley is down to 7 more days of school left, counting today.

From moment to moment I feel confident that I can do this whole summer thing again with my trio. 
I can make it special and balanced.
But then moments come when I feel like it might be too much.  Have I signed up for enough.  Do we have travel balanced with lazy weeks at home?

Summer is coming and more than anything I want to focus on the right stuff this summer. 
The house might get muddy and sandy. 
The laundry may pile up...
Meals might be less extravagant...who am I kidding...I've already been slacking in that area.
But my two, five, and eight year old are immersed in summer.   

Ice cream cones will be consumed.  I will get to know each nook and crannie of our yard as I wander with Syd for hours on end.  We will high tail it to the pool for quick dips.  Permission will be granted to watch a few cartoons.  Lemonade can be sipped and tomatoes will be nibbled from our garden (I hope).  Road trips to grandma's house.  Bonfires with the neighbors.  Park trips with friends at the spur of the moment.  Silly mama projects that might be more work or more mess than planned.  Swings will get pushed and slides will get worn out.  
Late mornings in our pjs and gobs of sunscreen will be applied. 

But I also want to conquer some chore training...I want to teach the kids how to clean a toilet, collect garbage from our bathrooms, and wipe counters.  There is time and there is no excuse.  Charley needs to conquer his math facts and Henry could be reading.  The possibilities are endless and we just need to make a plan and make it happen.  Outside play can mean time on a blanket reading in our own backyard.  Bike rides with my trio, now that we are all set up.  And Syd NEEDS to keep napping so we can do family summer evenings as a whole family.  

Summer is about to tag me and say "This is it!"  

Just like Aunt Liz probably announced as she tagged Charley out!

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Anonymous said...

Cute shots of liz. Glad you got her running with a great smile instead I'd me :) thanks for letting us kick off summer with you. Rr


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