Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let's chat! A Wednesday catch up...

Love this kid who is in need of a haircut.
He was in heaven last week having his Charley home all week. 
Summer is right around the corner, kid.  

This is our girl. 
Tutu discarded.
Pirate ship overtaken from brothers.  
Lego blocks close by....also stolen from brothers.


Henry is on spring break this week.  We went to a store that sells those fancy Rainbow play sets....the secret was leaked that it's the place to play and now they charge a hefty fee of $6.00.  But Syd and Henry had a blast running around and I enjoyed having my mind blown by....

things like this...

Next to this sign was the following sign:

Frankly, if I was going to invest in a play set that $21,000 I would expect my children to return home in college for summers to play on it...or live in it.  Geez!    


I have a helper.  It is moments like this, when I feel less of a pit in my stomach about them growing up.   New adventures and more help around the house.  win-win.

Ed has been accumulating wood working tools and machines, or whatever you want to call them.  And recently, I gave him a challenge that I saw here.  And he built this wall dollhouse.  Thanks to Grandma Charlie's fabric scrap stash I was able to cover it and I have a few finishing touches to make.  Then we will decorate the wooden peg people that should be arriving any day now.  This is a new addition to Sydney's room.  


I have been moving furniture around in our house and have a few new things to hang or purchase to fill spaces.  Spring is about to arrive today, weather-wise.  I am ready to bust open these windows, scrub glass, and freshen up this place.  It has been a LOOOONGGG winter.

Sydney is ready too.  She has mastered zipping her spring jacket, ALL. BY. HERSELF. 
This amazes me, given I have been asked this winter to zip Henry's jacket from time to time.  


Yesterday, I ran the kids over to the indoor pool.  I didn't realize it was open during the winter at times that would have worked for us.  I thought it was only open on the weekends.  We will be frequenting the pool more this spring to get us all ready for a summer of quick and spur of the moment pool runs.  
Swim lessons are on my list of things to look into again too. 

But, both boys are proving they still are part fish.
And this mama, managed three kiddos in the dressing room without visibly losing her cool...however, Syd did waltz out in her summer flip flops that she dug out from the bottom of the bag ...and after a bit of a battle, I chose not to win that fight with a very deep sigh. 


If you have a child that has had an experience that has caused him/her to have reoccurring worries...what do you do?   Any one have any experience with this.  Email me and maybe we can chat.  


Sydney has become a champ at the ipad/iphone app "Endless Alphabet" (Thanks Lynelle, for the recommendation!)


Just when I think she is getting bored with Daniel Tiger, they come out with a new episode.  phew.


Popcorn is a favorite snack.
Whirly pop, a wedding gift.
Jar where we store our popcorn was my Grandma Dort's.
And coconut oil is how we roll. 
And "pa"corn is how Sydney says popcorn.


I put Syd's pajamas on backwards last night. 
Her reaction quite hilarious.
But the jammies stayed on.
However, she wet through her diaper so I am still washing sheets today.  :)


It is a week when I wish we were on an adventure, strolling through my parents neighborhood to get our wiggles out.  It is that kind of week.  Those that know us face to face, understand this.  


It is time to start rolling around here. 
We had a number of options this morning, but do to this week's reality and the busy day we had yesterday...we are hunkering down and watching the temperature rise.
Hoping for a warm up soon (like in an hour or two) so we can hit the driveway with Syd's new chalk.
Fly some rockets through the air, gifted to Henry for his birthday. 
Laundry is calling - things to wash, things to fold, things to put away. 

Catch me up on your life....this week I am lacking adult let's chat! 
Pretty please....with a cherry on top! 


Theresa said...

Awesome slide picture!

Stacey said...

I love how even when you take a little break you come back with some meaningful topics. I have not blogged in months because I'm overwhelmed about what to 'talk' about. I loved your recent comment that this is your kids' baby book. I really need to get back to it. Sorry I don't have a lot of adult conversation brewing right now as I'm trying to catch up with my 'must reads' before bed. I will echo your 'Yay! For spring! And being able to get outside without bundling! And time spent with kiddos!'


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