Friday, April 19, 2013

Grace on Friday

I had a long rambling post started.  But then I just wanted to stop.  And be grateful. 

1.  Grateful that at least the 6-8 inches of heavy ass snow looks beautiful.  And the occasional warmer temps means that there isn't a layer of old snow on the roads...means Ed's commute was almost normal this morning!  

2.  Sucking it up and not resorting to the easy parenting choices of letting them turn on the TV or pick up a ipod thingy.  Charley had to get things done to earn that time this week.  A longggg winter and a lack of spring has left us staring at small screens a little too much. 

3.  A morning of ECFE class time with my girl Syd.  And today she gets her big brother Henry as a tag along.  A gift MN offers to moms and dads.  Not all states provide these classes.  And I swear my stay at home mommy success is partly because of these classes, the friends I have made, and Nina and Miss. Shari who are awesome teachers.  

4.  Our neighbor Dave for helping snow blow the heavy snow this morning...I made it to the gym this morning...even though at 5:10am they hadn't plowed much.  Boggles my mind.  I sure wasn't looking forward to the looming driveway snow shovelling extravaganza.  Now the job is cut in half.  

5.  Miss Syd is full of inspiration with her "I do it."  "I try it."  " I do it." attitudes.  She is in that phase.  

6.  My ability to tolerate the most annoying phase the boys are going through right now.  The copy stage.  You know the one where they take turns irritating the heck out of each other by copying them and then tattling.  Yipee.  

It's Friday.  Hoping for more blog time.  But if I don't make it back. 

What are you thankful for!?

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Raina and Andy said...

Today I'm thankful for the sun shining. Even though it's too cold to play outside, it's a step in the right direction and andy got out to golf. the sun is helping my mood today. (Not looking forward to the copy/tattle stage....) RR


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