Thursday, April 18, 2013

a thank you to you, the ones who stop by.

Recently, there have been things going on around me and I have sat down to process them and I write and never post the writing that I have done.  And I have realized, just by sitting down and writing it, I have felt better.  A load off my shoulders, like my thoughts have been able to escape my mind.  I feel lighter.

 It was recently that I realized, if writing can do that for me, maybe I can consider myself a writer in a teensy tiny way.  I have a hard time saying that because my brother is a REAL writer.  He knows all the tricks and skills.  He uses the right grammer, techniques, and language.  He publishes things and teaches all he knows.    I, on the other hand, am a rambler.  He compliments me.  But I know there are a lot of mistakes in my writing.

Recently, a friend shared an article regarding the phenomena of blogging and the friendships that can be built among bloggers and the place in our heart that a blogger can be.  A snippet from the article....

I surprise myself when I think of myself as a blogger.  I am a person that cares a lot about what people think about what I say and how I say it.  If someone doesn't email me back - I get an anxious and paranoid feeling like I said something wrong.  I have several friends that are my reassuring team.  So it is kind of interesting that I put myself out there with the blogging.  

But I have had a really good experience with the blogging world I have become a part of.  They are inspiring, uplifting, supportive, and a happy place.  On our wall of picture Christmas cards this year...there were a good handful that were from all over the country, people I have never met, but are definitely in my heart.  And even Ed can tell you a little about them, because after reading about something happening to them, I share it with him like I do with my "in real life friends'. 

On facebook I have friended blog connections, and often times realize that from reading their blogs I might know more about them than some of my "in real life friends."  There are women who have battled breast cancer, lost children, are going through family changes, and are expecting babies.  And I realize that I am just as heartbroken or just as excited for the ups and downs in their lives.  

Where am I going with this.....
I guess,  I just want to thank anyone who stops by here and reads and thinks about our family.  Puts up with my misspellings and bad grammer.  My rambles and days when I don't post.   When you stop by and comment or share a thought it makes my day.  I blog with the hope that someday my children will appreciate having a place to see who their mama was on a day to day basis.  I have failed at the baby book thing and this is where I hope they come to see the choices, thoughts, worries, growth, excitements, and everything else, that has come along the way on this journey of raising them and being a woman.  But, I also blog because I get so much from the blogs I read and the friendships that I have built from this little spot in cyber space.  

So thank you for putting my family in your thoughts and heart.  It means the world.  

It is Thursday and we are off to tour a local bakery and eat cookies this morning.  Can't wait!   
It's rainy and we will return home to cozy in.  And maybe we'll be cookie-ed out or maybe we'll be inspired to bake :)
I can tell Syd is on the verge of being sick.  So we will tiptoe through the next few days in hopes of beating whatever it is that wants to settle in on her little body...because, after this next snow dump....we have high hopes that spring might actually show up - and we don't have time for sick stuff.  

And today is a three post day.  Because when I post I have no self check out the Throwback Thursday post from earlier and I think there is another one coming this afternoon.  Aren't I on the ball :)


The Tompkins Family said...

A bakery tour sounds divine! We are going swimming...first time I've taken my 2 by myself. Wish us luck!

Anonymous said...

It must be a weird feeling to know that your readers really feel like they know you-- that they know what your family's day is really like! I always joke with RR that if you were my neighbor, we'd be best friends! HAHA! Thanks for keeping it real, Sarah! Cheers (with a latte, Diet Coke, or an amazing glass of wine!) ~AK

Raina and Andy said...

you are an amazing writer. i "stop by" every single day-hoping there is something there for me to read and connect with you over your blog. keep it up. no more breaks. RR


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